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Winter can be a dangerous season. Freezing temperatures, slippery surfaces and precarious ice. Here are a few tips that can help keep your family safe and warm and prepare your home for winter.

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It has been officially announced that the first homebuilders for The Woodland Hills, the new master planned community located in the city of Houston, will be Westin Homes and Ravenna Homes. The announcement was made by the community's parent company, The Howard Hughes Corporation.


The 2,000-acre development is the latest project of the corporation's expanding portfolio.


The announcement reads in part as follows:


“We are excited to welcome Ravenna Homes and Westin Homes as the first homebuilders in The Woodlands Hills. Both Ravenna and Westin have an excellent homebuilding background and will offer the high quality standards and design principles that have made The Woodlands and Bridgeland two of the most successful master

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Two seniors from The Woodlands, KeSean Carter and Ethan Bonner, recently took part in the NCAA's new early signing period by officially making their decisions regarding which schools they'd like to attend in a special ceremony that took place at The Woodlands High School.


Carter decided to sign with Texas Tech, while Bonner made the decision to sign with Stanford University.


Carter initially announced his commitment to Texas Tech back in July via his official Twitter page and noted that his decision had been based on whether he'd be able to take part in both track and football. Texas Tech was the only college to offer an option such as that. He also stated that Arkansas had made him a similar offer, but his decision has already been

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Retirement may seem far from reach but it could be sooner than you think. Texas is one of the most affordable states to live in and retire. Here are the best places to retire in Texas based on cost of living, how far your dollar goes, things to do and weather year round.

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My name is Wayne Murray, I’m the owner of Weichert Realtors - Wayne Murray Properties. I’d like to show you a little story, and dramatize that. This is my son’s home, he was one of the blessed ones. He had flood insurance. 80% of the people did not have flood insurance, in Houston, Tx and the surrounding areas: Katy, Sugarland, the Woodlands, all the areas that surround one of the largest cities in the United States.


We got over 50 inches of rain, which is relatively unheard of. In that time period, we had devastation of, i believe the estimate right now is 160 thousand dwellings. There’s a number of people that I don’t want to see left behind. I’m not only the president of the company that I own, I’m also the member of The Freedom

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House flipping is a risky business for people that don't know anything about the housing industry. If you are interested in house flipping here are some tips that can help you ease into the business.

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Are you currently living in a rental? Are you ready to make the jump to home ownership? As realtors we know firsthand how great an investment property can be. Here are five tips from us to you to help explain why buying is better than renting a home.

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It's already almost 2018, which means a whole new set of changes in the real estate industry. If you are planning on buying or selling property this year, check the infographic below to know what to expect.

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2018 will be a great year for real estate in Houston. Every year several organizations publish insights in to the upcoming year and what to expect in real estate. Some upcoming trends include tax reform, the slow disappearance of baby boomers from the market and tech meshing with homes.

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If you are looking into buying a home for the first time you may want some advice. As seasoned real estate agents here are some things to keep in mind when going through the home buying process for the first time.

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