Five fun places to hike in Houston

Dated: July 13 2020

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Buffalo Bayou Park in Houston Texas from Random Sky via

Houston is a great city with a huge variety of things to see and do. Visitors might be surprised to discover that there are several notably alluring parks and greenspaces tucked into Houston and the surrounding area. Some of these most beautiful locations in Houston are home to some very scenic running, biking, and hiking trails. Read on for a rundown of five fun places to hike in Houston!


Buffalo Bayou Park is a 160-acre urban park that offers views of the Houston skyline. Located just to the west of I-45, Buffalo Bayou Park an exceptional place to walk, run, or bike. This park has trails that run through densely forested land and fields of wildflowers; they lead visitors passed fountains and waterfalls, a lake, and footbridges. A prime location for city-dwellers to view art installations or have a picnic, Buffalo Bayou Park is one of the most popular Houston parks.

Here is a list of homes located around the Buffalo Bayou Park area!


Hermann Park is located right in the center of Houston. This 445-acre park includes a jogging trail that follows the border of the golf course and branches off to wind through the trees; taking the path into the trees leads to the discovery of charming lakes, well-kept bridges, and beautiful gardens. Hermann Park has multiple points of interest including pavilions, sculptures and monuments, a playground, and a train. Hermann Park gets even more bonus points because it is also the home of the Houston Zoo!

Here is a list of homes located around the Herman Park area!


George Mitchell Nature Preserve is located in The Woodlands, a township about 40 minutes north of the Houston city center. This nature preserve covers approximately 1,800 acres of forested land. It connects to the Spring Creek Greenway, an urban forest, and includes miles of hike and bike trails for fitness fans who enjoy outdoor exercise. The trails are also perfect for those who simply enjoy a leisurely stroll, watching for wildlife, from foxes to bald eagles!

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George Bush Park can be found in west Houston, due north of the Westpark Tollway. It is comprised of 7,800 acres of land and boasts miles of jogging trails that wind through the forest; visitors will also see bayous, ponds, and swamps throughout the park. 20 miles away from downtown Houston, George Bush Park is an easy-to-access outdoor space for anyone looking for a nice spot to spend some time in nature.

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Seawall Urban Park is about an hour from downtown Houston. Located on the northern tip of Galveston Island, this 10-mile park is a beautiful spot for ocean-lovers! Visitors to this park enjoy biking, walking, or running along the beach, in the sand. But they also have the option of surveying the waves from the longest continuous sidewalk in the nation that borders the park. 

Here is a list of homes located around the Seawall Urban Park!

So, if you have been wondering what adventures await you in the Houston area, you now have five fun places to hike in Houston so take time to discover some of the best outdoor spaces in the area. Houston has so much to offer, including these great public parklands. Get out there and take a hike, Houston!

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